About Us


Headquartered at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney and with research nodes in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, the Smart Services CRC Pty Ltd was established as an incorporated company in July 2007 with operations commenced in July 2008. One of only fifteen successful bids from round 10 of the Federal Government’s CRC Grant Program, Smart Services was awarded $30.8 million to be invested over 7 years for research and development to support innovation in Australia’s services economy.


The CRC’s predecessor was Smart Internet Technology CRC which was established in July 2001 for a period of 7 years. The Smart Internet Program involved creating technology building blocks for protocols, devices and networks comprising Internet infrastructure, creating point technologies and generating insights for participants. Its commercialisation strategy focused on major ICT industry suppliers and creation of spin-off companies and its technical focus was the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to all levels of the Internet protocol stack, around four technology programs and one social sciences program. The Smart Services CRC manages the IP portfolio created under Smart Internet.
Total funding available to the CRC will exceed $120million over its life, including Participant’s contributions and will be used by Smart Services to deliver outcomes aimed at returning at least $250 million to the Australian economy by 2016. In addition the CRC’s Education and Training programme will provide grants for up to 50 PhD students, aligning their thesis subjects to the interest of industry and contributing skilled resources into the Australia workforce.
The CRC research projects address challenges across the areas of customer service needs, ecosystems for service delivery and services of the future.
In Media - Smart Services’ research delivers digital media companies in Australia tools, technologies and insights needed to understand how audiences are changing and clustering, and how to personalise their media experiences across a multi-channel, multi-platform environment.
In Finance and Government the CRC delivers knowledge, tools and technology for the rapid identification and deployment of services, including online and mobile, to support business growth and creativity and improve operational efficiencies.
Smart Services Participants also look at the way in which services may be delivered in the future, how significant external factors may affect the need for and delivery of services to customers. This strategic research delivers Participants new insights and opportunities to achieve a competitive advantage in their industry and be at the forefront of growth in the services sector.
A Services Innovation Foundry has been established in Sydney and Brisbane to undertake prototype development and fast testing of concepts to speed the development of ideas through to early product integration for industry.