Smart Services technologies take centre stage at ITEC 2013


Minister Assisting for Innovation and Industry and the Digital Economy Senator Kate Lundy stepped into the immersive world of Smart Services CRC technologies at this month’s Interactive Technology in Education Conference (ITEC 2013) at the Sydney Opera House.


Senator Lundy was at the ITEC conference to launch the Virtual Excursions Australia web portal when she met up with Smart Services team members Dr Anthony Collins and Natalie Chapman to test drive iSee and the Cruiser Connected Surfaces platforms.


“She was highly engaged with both technologies, particularly in the context of using these digital technologies to enhance educational opportunities for young Australians, which is what the ITEC conference showcased,” Dr Collins said.


iSee’s potential as an educational tool has already been established as a result of its use by the NSW Department of Education and Training and the ISTE K20 initiative. Cruiser’s capabilities have been demonstrated via an installation at the Australian Museum, showcasing the surface computing tool’s capacity to transform the way students collect and share information for truly interactive group assignments.


Professor Safaei and Dr Collins were at the conference to showcase the transformative potential of the CRC technologies, providing live demonstrations and talking through the opportunities for their application across multiple sectors.


Professor Safaei presented iSee’s unlimited video conferencing capabilities and its capacity to host hundreds of users in a single session, while Dr Collins talked about Cruiser’s unmatched ability to facilitate collaborative and paperless interactions between users across Australia and the globe. 


“I used the presentation to demonstrate the potential uses of the Cruiser platform, and the fact that it unifies a range of interactive devices,” Dr Collins said.


“Users can run the software on a range of hardware devices, like interactive whiteboards, tablets and mobile devices, and share content seamlessly, and in real-time, with networked devices anywhere in the world.”


Senator Lundy and is expected to attend a follow-up demonstration at the CRC in the near future.