Growth of iSee continues across multiple sectors


iSee’s reach has continued to grow across Australia, with Sunpork, the Autism CRC, Australian Independent Schools (AIS), Blacktown Council and Mondelez Australia and New Zealand (Kraft foods) now signed on as official iSee clients.


Mondelez Australia and Blacktown Library were two of the early adopters of the technology, and have had exciting success to date in utilising iSee to run customer focus groups and team meetings (Mondelez), and to engage the community in a range of educational and cultural initiatives (Blacktown Library).


Newer clients include the AIS, whose team is in the early stages of developing an iSee education program to be rolled out across 16 schools, while Sunpork has signed on for a 6-month trial to explore iSee’s capacity to deliver new opportunities for collaboration within the company’s distributed executive team.


The Autism CRC has recently engaged with the technology to support operational objectives within the CRC’s head office. The Queensland University of Technology, a partner in the Autism CRC, has also expressed an interest in accessing iSee to support a tele-consult autism research project due to launch in 2016. The research team have earmarked the software as a potential tool to support researcher collaborations and research participant focus groups.


The recent release of our commercial version of iSee means it is now available for broader use.