What is FormSys ?


FormSys is a tool currently being developed which allows non-programmers to automate interactions between services and organisations. FormSys has applications for data rich enterprises which need ways to manage content, make it interactive and allows service offerings to be developed and deployed.


How does Formsys help companies?


Linking and integrating IT systems so that an enterprise can analyse the performance of their entire operation is a time-consuming and therefore costly exercise. It also requires skilled programmers who are often considered expensive relative to other resources in the company.  Automating these processes can reduce months of programming time to days and allows the use of less skilled labour for significant company savings.  Usability studies have been conducted recently which will reveal quantitatively what savings are currently achievable.


For IT Departments that are frequently asked to “do more with less” a tool like FormSys can reduce their overall costs, whilst still allowing them to respond quickly to changing business requirements. FormSys can also be used to produce rapid prototypes of proposed new applications to gauge the business value of a new proposal as well as gather important user feedback early in the development cycle.


How does FormSys work ?


FormSys builds on existing technologies that are well established in the Enterprise IT sector. This lowers the cost of adopting FormSys to work alongside legacy IT systems. Companies already using business process and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) will have immediate uses for FormSys.

For companies that haven’t yet made the transition to SOA (and for most companies, this transition is never 100% complete), FormSys can utilise existing paper-based forms as PDFs which it can annotate so that a user can fill the form in online. FormSys will handle the “flow” of data between forms and feed that data between existing IT system service interfaces, providing an easier transition pathway from paper-based forms to web-based service delivery.


New services are composed by connecting together the existing services and mapping data between the services. Each service provides a module of functionality to the new service. Once a service has been composed through the FormSys design it is uploaded to a BPEL process execution engine.


FormSys enables organisations to perform software integration in a fraction of the time and cost without the need for in-depth programming expertise.



  • Productivity in data analysis – reduce months of programming down to days.
  • Save time and money on repetitive tasks
  • Enable quick protoyping of new services to assess interdependencies and early feedback


For example:  Complex market analysis is required by a stockbroking firm. Large amounts of data from different sources (online databases, blogs, spreadsheets, emails) needs to be extracted and manipulated (cleaned), different types of models need to be built and analytics used to gain insights and the results graphed.  FormSys can be used to complete tasks in days that previously may take analysts months to do once and each time they update the analysis.



  • Software integration
  • Data analysis/intelligence
  • Financial Analysis
  • Social media curation services
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Mashing data services – Facebook, twitter, news database