Immersive Services


Smart Services researchers have been investigating of the role of immersive environments for service delivery. In particular, our research program in this area has been developing new capabilities and tools to enhance usability and usefulness of immersive technologies, and providing new insights about the future market opportunities.

  • Our Computer Science researchers have designed and built an immersive, virtual-world based video conferencing solution, that can scale to hosting hundreds of simultaneous participants. The award winning iSee Video Conferencing solution is unique in the way people interact with each other over video, and can handle much larger group sizes than older technologies such as Skype.
  • Computer Science researchers have also been pushing the envelope of what is possible for enabling new uses of immersive environments with potential applications in Health, Education, Collaboration and Training. Applications range from Augmented Reality, Virtual World Video Conferencing, Arbitrary-Viewpoint Video Rendering (“Free viewpoint”) and virtual training environments.
  • Social Science researchers inform the other research streams and the potential adopters of the technology by being an advocate for the user, performing user studies and reporting on usability of the tools.