New Media Services


The New Media Services research program has been identifying market opportunities for our media partners, and generating new technologies for industry. Our partners in the media sector, as well as the education and cultural sectors have been able to exploit the potential of new modes of consumer interaction with connected customers.

  • Researchers have developed innovative technologies that change the way customers access new media content and services (such as video, and print-to-online integration)
  • To enhance capacity to use cultural collections in collaborative arrangements between museums and the government departments responsible for juvenile justice in order to lower the re-offending rate of juveniles at risk.
  • To provide all partners with software and expertise in video recommender technologies, signal processing algorithms, and more for use on their media properties.

Our most recent collaboration in this program has been with Fairfax, where our researchers at RMIT and the University of Wollongong worked with Fairfax engineers to create AirLink™, a new technology to link Fairfax's print media publications with their constantly updated online content.


The ‘AirLink™’ application (Trademarked and launched by Fairfax Media) enables a reader to hover over an advertisement or an image accompanying a newsprint story using an iPhone or iPad camera, and automatically triggers the delivery of additional online content, for example video relevant to the ad or the printed story. Combined with expertise from RMIT & UoW Researchers the underlying technology relies on open source machine vision algorithms that automatically process and detect features that represent a “fingerprint” of an image captured by the camera. AirLink™ is currently a feature inside the SMH mobile application. This approach does not require a user to click to take a photograph and does not rely on a marker, such as a QR code.