Business Services Management

Business Service Management (BSM) is the business discipline dedicated to the systematic management of services in an organisation to ensure alignment with the needs of the customer and the objectives of the organisation.
The BSM research program began with a new and comprehensive understanding of how to manage, innovate and design services combining business imperatives with the opportunities of emerging IT. There is a particular focus on areas such as strategic alignment, governance and service bundling.
The next level of service innovation is customer-centric service provision. At the core of this paradigmatic shift is the idea of participating in customers’ lives and seamlessly providing services into these private processes rather than expecting customers to participate in complex corporate processes. This will mean that the ‘life events’ of customers are becoming the new starting point for service interactions. The increasingly digital lifestyle of customers means that such life events become accessible on a large scale and in real-time.
The overall result is a Business Service Management methodology that targets service innovation which is driven by a strong customer orientation, and disciplined and balanced by portfolio management.