Services Foresight (2020)

Services 2020 hosts the core futures program of the CRC. The overall objective of the program is to inform the CRC, its participants and the Australian service sector about significant drivers of change in the next 10 years and ways to cope with those changes. The project started from scratch at the beginning of the CRC and has expanded to include participation from several industry and government organisations and academic participants from Swinburne and QUT. The program currently focuses on accessible foresight for Australian SMEs using open methods and concentrates on three areas:
  1. Investigation of open foresight methods
    There are several attempts being made around the world to use social media, crowd sourcing or other network forms in foresight practice. We are leveraging this work to provide best practice insights that can be used in the set-up of our Open Futures Library and highlight gaps in the foresight service range.
  2. Implement an open sources futures library
    An open library of ‘future images’ (e.g. scenarios) and futures scanning tools has been developed by our research team. This provides open access to futures materials, aids the foresight community and allows the development of new foresight services based on this crowd-sourced library.
  3. Development and implementation of open foresight methods for organisations
    Based on the research and evolution of the library the team is developing new methods of foresight delivery for CRC participants which are quicker and lower cost than traditional, proprietary methods.