Services Personalisation


Our Machine Learning & Big Data researchers are applying their research expertise to the use of large, heterogeneous data sets to tailor services to individual needs. The ability to tailor products and services to individuals, or targeted clusters of individuals, is one of the key competitive advantages for any organization.


The Services Personalisation program is developing techniques and tools for industry and government partners to better identify individual customer behaviour and need; to better identify and target clusters of customer behaviour and need; to better identify local variations in service usage context; and to apply these tools and techniques directly to improved products and services.


Our researchers have been:


  • Developing novel data mining and knowledge acquisition techniques for user profiling and market segmentation, including dynamic segmentation. We use these for the construction of user profiles and new market segmentation models of customers and social networks of customers.
  • Develop recommendation and information filtering techniques for improving the relevance of content in services such as personalised news, personalised search and targeted advertising.
  • Develop techniques and tools for adapting the use of internationally-recognised data-intensive analysis tools to the Australian context.
  • Develop industry-specific prototypes demonstrating the personalisation of services based on user profiles, local conditions and market segmentation models.