It requires skill and preparation to drill into a brick wall. When done improperly, there is a good chance that you will damage your drill or the wall. It is also imperative that you have proper tools so make sure you buy masonry cutting blades at Technique Tools.

Here is a quick guide for you to understand how to drill into bricks correctly.

Step 1 – Mark The Hole On The Brick Wall

Before you start to drill into the bricks, it is imperative that you know what size the hole should be of. Mark the exact place where you plan to drill a hole. Make sure to check that no plumbing lines, electrical wires, or any other structure are situated behind the brickwork before you start. If there are any electrical wires behind the masonry, make sure to call a professional electrician for the job.

Another thing you should be careful of is to drill right through the cement grout rather than through the bricks. This will make it easier for you to drill through the grout and stop the bricks from getting shattered.

Step 2 – Wear Your Safety Gear

It is essential to wear proper safety equipment when you are working with drills. Safety gear includes gloves, mask, and eye goggles that will help you shield your eyes in case there are any flying brick or mortar particles. Another thing you should make sure of is that you read the instruction handbook so you familiarize yourself with the operation of the power drill.

Step 3 – Drill The Hole

In the situation where you have to drill a large hole, the first thing you will need to do is drill a small size pilot hole. Put a smaller granite on the drill and cautiously drill a hole you have marked.

Step 4 – Cool Down the Bit

It can be stressful for the power drill when you are continually drilling through mortar. Regardless that your power drill is high-powered, it will still become hot with the passage of time. It is essential that you place a bucket with water nearby to help you cool down the bit every now and then.

You could pour water on the bit, or cautiously place the bit in the bucket of water. Make sure to get the bit, not the drill wet.

Step 5 – If Stuck, Free the Bit

When you drill, you possibly will find sometimes that the bit of the drill gets wedged in the wall. Whenever this occurs, the first thing you need to do is try to cautiously reverse the bit in order to pull and loosen it out from the wall.

Step 6 – Seal Up the Hole

After you have finished the job and have drilled through the brick wall, place the thing on the wall and use some putty to seal the opening.