Heads of Innovation Forum


Co-hosted by Smart Services CRC, Icon Park and Zeetings:


Purpose: participate in important conversations regarding the conditions in Australia for innovation and investment and work together to drive change and add value to communities of innovation.


The Heads of Innovation Forum took place on August 13 commencing at 7.30am and concluding at 10.00am at 78 Stanley St, East Sydney.


Dean McEvoy and Paul Schell, co-founders of Icon Park, and our hosts, joined us to share their experiences on developing a successful crowd funding platform and the innovative coupling of two passions, hospitality and supporting the start-up community.


Sharing their international experiences, conversation starters for the August 13 Forum were:





07:30 Breakfast, Coffee & Conversation
08:00 Welcome & Purpose (Where to from here? Expressions of interest sought to form working teams to build on the ideas generated)
08:10 Session 1 conversation kick-off - Tony Surtees, Co-founder of Zeetings, Board Member of Commercialisation Australia, founder and director of multiple private and public companies, former VP and GM Yahoo Inc. entrepreneur, investor and mentor to start-ups
08:20 Open discussion, sharing of experiences, stories, ideas and insights
08:40 Session 2 conversation kick off - Luca Gatti, Director, Contextf, expert in strategy, innovation and leadership
08:50 Open discussion, sharing of experiences, ideas and insights
09:10 Session 3 conversation kick off - Kim Chandler-McDonald, Co-Founder, EVP and Flat World Navigator at KimmiC, author of award-winning book Innovation: How Innovators Think, Act and Change our World
09:20 Open discussion, sharing of experiences, ideas and insights
09:40 The Icon Park story - Dean McEvoy & Paul Schell, Co-Founders
09:55 Closing comments, the next forum


The following people attended:


Advanced Human Technologies / Future Exploration Network / The Insight Exchange

Ross Dawson Founding Chairman
Contextf Luca Gatti CIO Australia
GroupM Lee Bustin CIO Australia
Icon Park Dean McEvoy Co-Founder
Icon Park Paul Schell Co-Founder
Jumptank Justin Baird Group Director of Innovation
KimmiC Kim Chandler McDonald Flat World Navigator, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President
Knowledge Economy Institute Mike Briers Founder
Office of the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP Mark Brudenell Advisor
Office of the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP Peter Anstee Advisor
Pollenizer Phil Morle CEO & Co-founder
Sirca Paul McCarthy Director, Strategy and Innovation
Sirca Technology Ian Oppermann CEO
Smart Services CRC Daniel Austin Head of R&D
Smart Services CRC Annette Dockerty Market Development Manager
University of Sydney Andy Dong Design Thinking Expert
Woolworths Georgie Fleischer Business Account Manager - Multi Option Retail
Westfield Labs Ian Tinsley Head of Engineering
Zeetings Tony Surtees Co-Founder
Zeetings Rob Kawalsky Co-Founder & CEO