Screen and Media is a course which helps students learn about screen-based media as well as how to create content related to various types of media. You get introduced to various theories, tools and techniques. Here is more information about all the things you learn while studying Screen and Media.

Study the History of Various Types of Media

While studying this course, you get in-depth knowledge of different types of media, which starts with learning about their history. You find out how present day media came to be by studying the evolution of it throughout the years.

Learn About Screen Based Media

There are different types of screen-based media such as film, television, children’s media, gender and cross-cultural media, indigenous media, and more. In this course, you get to learn about them all in depth. You start with the introduction of the basics of present day media and go in detail from there.

Get to Know Various Digital Technologies

The term digital technologies in this context includes digital effects, gaming, social media, 2D animation, 3D visualisation, etc. In addition to these, you get to study interactive design, technologies of visualisation and virtual reality as well. This will help you set up a foundation for careers in gaming, public relations, advertising, and more.

Understand Certain Factors That Affect Media

Media is shaped by various factors including social, cultural, aesthetic and commercial factors. All of them have an effect on the media in some or the other way. It has been happening throughout history. If these factors had not influenced the media, it would not be the way it is presently.

Learn About Popular Genres

There are various genres in screen-based media, for example contemporary fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, educational, etc. You get to learn about them and how to differentiate between them. It is especially important for those who wish to make a career in the TV or film industry.

Get an Understanding of Media Industries in Different Contexts

There are various industries that need to be studied in global as well as local context in order to be properly educated in this field. Here you get to know about the various industries in the field of media, like film, television, publishing, Gaming, Music, etc. locally as well as internationally. With the right qualifications, you can get a job in any of the industries.

Learn and Work on Production & Direction

You not only get theoretical knowledge on these subjects but you also get to put your knowledge through test practically. You get to understand how the process of production and direction work. This is the earliest form of training that you receive in this course.

Try your hand at Screenwriting

Screenwriting is another thing that you learn while studying this course. You get to test your creativity and writing skills while learning about the various theories and rules that are used to produce scripts for mass media.


These are a few of the many things you learn when you enrol in the Screen and Media course. Once you get a diploma of screen and media, you can establish your career in this field.