Heads of Innovation Forum - for innovators and business transformers


An intimate affair of approximately 20 people, the Innovation Forum is designed to bring together a diversity of creative thinkers who can share their experiences, learn from each other’s experiments and inspire new ideas. The format is designed to encourage around the table conversation in an open environment under Chatham House Rule .


Topics to kick off the discussion at each forum are determined by 2 guest speakers who share their stories for 10 mins before others around the table join in and add their experiences to the discussion.  The Forum is informal like a book club except the stories are those of each individual attending and their journey as an innovator and business transformer.


The hope is this Forum will bring new learning and insights, demonstrate the value of mixing it up across industry sectors and create new connections for those that attend.


This is an invitation only event for senior level executives responsible for innovation and business transformation. Places are limited to the capacity of each host ideally with no more than two from the same organisation to ensure diversity. If you would like to enquire about this event to attend, host or sponsor please contact annettedockerty@gmail.com



Forum 1 – 7 November, 2013 co-hosted with News Corp Australia and Suncorp


Forum 2 – 26 February, 2014 co-hosted with Jumptank and Westfield Labs


Forum 3 – 30 April, 2014 co-hosted with Sirca and Woolworths


Forum 4 - 13 August, 2014 co-hosted with Icon Park and Zeetings