The Smart Services CRC research expertise covers:

  • Content delivery networking
  • information security
  • digital asset management
  • advanced computational systems
  • digital media
  • flexible learning
  • agent technologies
  • multimedia content delivery
  • artificial intelligence
  • medical informatics
  • language learning model
  • multi-modal & immersive interfaces
  • machine learning
  • data mining
  • wireless mobility
  • information management systems
  • user modelling
  • user centre design
  • service oriented architecture
  • software as a service
  • social networks
  • user generated innovation
  • law
  • marketing & advertising
  • strategic business and market foresight
  • business process re-engineering
  • service delivery tools and platforms

Research projects are developed in collaboration with the CRC’s Participants under three major themes:

Servicing Customer Needs: The Smart Services CRC will emphasise the importance of putting the user at the centre of its research. With a strong emphasis on the social sciences, key to understanding the customer and trends for consumption of “anyway, anytime”, research projects will explore customer behaviour and deliver strategic knowledge and tools in social media, personalisation and audience and market foresight.


Ecosystems for Service Delivery: In public administration, telecommunications, banking and other sectors, significant investments are underway to increase the value, market penetration and delivery of services. In line with business restructures towards service provisioning efficiency, SOA technologies are being adopted to establish Web services out of business applications. Smart Services CRC research projects will provide frameworks and tools to identify services, aggregate services and deliver services across private and public boundaries, across finance, government, health and media industries, and with multi-channel, including mobile distribution.


Services of the Future: The service industries find themselves at an historic moment pivoting between enormous opportunities and intimidating risk. Advances in software and popular penetration of the global internet present an enormous opportunity for innovation while many of the outcomes of the industrial era and the birth of globalisation provide a broad array of intimidating risks to viability and predictability: mass demographic shifts, climate change, global inequality and resulting social instability and the apparent fragility of the global financial system. It is difficult for most organisations in the services sector to maintain a constant, organisation-wide eye on these strategic issues and a balanced view of the threats and opportunities of this landscape. Smart Services CRC research projects will deliver strategic foresight, tools and technologies through projects looking at education and new media, immersive multi-media services and services 2020.