If you are thinking of buying a printer for office or your home, the first question that will come in your mind is whether you should get a laser or inkjet printer which perhaps may have gathered several awards or accolades overtime for its performance in Australia. The debate regarding which printer is better has been going on for years and experts are still not able to reach a consensus. Given below is the comparison of both these printers. This comparison will surely help to clarify which printer is better:


To start the debate, we must know what the main difference between the two printers is? The main difference between both these printers is regarding how they work. An inkjet printer, as the name indicates, uses ink to print documents, it sprinkles droplets of ink on the paper for printing. On the other hand, a laser printer is an electric device that uses a toner and prints document by continually passing a laser beam through the paper. One of the most popular toners that can be used with a laser printer is HP 78A cartridge compatible printers.

Printing Speed

Printing speed is the main feature of printers. Speed makes a printer different and better than other ones. The inkjet printer has a speed of 16 pages per minute. As the laser printer uses electricity and laser beam for printing, it is faster than the inkjet printer. The laser printer has the capability of printing up to 100 pages in a minute. So, we can say that in terms of speed, the laser printer has an advantage over the inkjet printer.

Printing Quality

The printing quality of the printer must be given prime importance while deciding which printer to purchase. Laser printers have excellent document print quality and can print in colour, or black and white. When it comes to printing images, inkjet printers have excellent quality, but the documents printed by inkjet printers are not as clear as that of the laser printer ones.


For printers to last longer, cleaning them regularly is a must. Cleaning inkjet printers is not an easy task, the ink tank can leak causing stains all over the place. Cleaning laser printers is not that difficult as the toner never leaks, so the printer can be cleaned easily.


The size of an inkjet printer is smaller as compared to a laser printer. You can easily place an inkjet printer on the desk or corner of the room, but a laser printer requires large space for placement. If you are purchasing a printer for home use, then an inkjet printer is surely better.


The most important thing to be considered while purchasing anything is its price. Same in case of a printer, people prefer buying an economical and proficient printer. Inkjet printers are comparatively cheaper than laser printers. It is because they have a shorter life span. Also, the Ink used in an inkjet printer is cheaper than the toner’s cost.