Advanced Sage 300 software: how to use it in your business

Advanced Sage 300 software is different from other business software systems. Unlike the entry-level systems, the system offers advanced capabilities to the Australian businesses that want to grow rapidly and increase their profits. It helps companies automate and streamline their business operations for more profitability. In other words, it provides the business owners with better control and oversight.

It is able to manage more users, bigger data volumes and sophisticated business processes in addition to facilitating exchanges with customers suppliers and third parties. It is currently CitySoft’s leading system in the market.

Who can use the software?

Sage is available in small, advanced and premium suite versions and the designer offers it for a wider variety of businesses including online retailers, wholesalers, industries, professional and technical service providers and a variety of manufacturing modes. Businesses can also combine the SAGE 300 ERP system with the Sage CRM for better management of suppliers, clients, and the prospects.

As a business owner, you will have the option of using the Sage 300 extension modules that provide businesses with more capabilities within the Sage 300 eco-system. You can integrate an end-to-end business advanced suite applications to handle your HR management, data interchange, customer relationship management, business analytics, and e-commerce. Sage 300 Solutions have been offering advanced reporting allowing business people to track the activities of their businesses more effectively.

The main benefits of Sage 300 ERP

The software is helping most businesses in Australia and around the world to improve their processes and workflow. With the system, you can manage your finance, operations, sales, and other services. To meet the demands of multinational institutions, Sage provides multi-language and multi-currency capabilities. After integrating it with other Sage products, you will enjoy efficient HRMS, CRM, business intelligence, time tracking, and payment processing.

How to get the Sage 300 ERP

All Australian Small and medium businesses (SMBs) can benefit from the Sage 300 ERP. To benefit, you can subscribe to or purchase the system license. The software is deployable in the cloud or on the premise too. And depending on the size of your company, you can go for one of the three Sage Versions.

The versions vary depending on the size of the company and the number of users. To find out the version that will serve your company in a better way, you should contact CitySoft with your Australian business information. The software is scalable and with its broad and deep capabilities, you will manage to establish your business more effectively.

The producer designed the Sage 300 ERP for Windows operating systems users. However, you can run the cloud-based system on any device or operating system. Moreover, after the subscription, you will benefit from software version updates, phone support, chat support, knowledge base access, and more support. You can contact the Sage solution partners to benefit from additional consulting and support services.


The Sage 300 ERP is made for small and medium level businesses in Australia and other parts of the world. Most organizations that choose this software has an average of 20 employees and most reviewers recommend it for businesses with 10-99 employees. If your business is within that category, you might need to consider it.