The railway sector in Australia is expanding with several construction projects in motion. This has also increased the number of opportunities that are offered to labourers and other aspiring professionals.

Employment in the rail construction sector is very fruitful. According to the “Australian Railway Association” (ARA), it currently supports around 200,000 indirect and direct jobs.

Some of the jobs that are available in the rail sector are as follows:

  • Trade Assistants
  • Traffic Controllers
  • Foreman
  • Skilled and General Laborers
  • Civil Construction Laborers
  • Machine Operators
  • Electricians
  • Construction Managers

What do you need?

If you are looking to make a career in the rail sector, it is important that you are carrying a “Rail Industry Worker” (RIW) card. This is highly compulsory across the railway sector. It provides details of the worker along with the level of competency possessed. The RIW Card is linked digitally tit the online database of the Australian Railway Association that contains certificates, licenses, tickets, and qualifications. This makes verification of the employer’s certifications easier.

Another key requirement for a professional is to have a White Card. This card is particularly for all those professionals looking to work on a constriction site. The card is evidence of the employee completing the “General Construction Induction training course.”

For all individuals looking to work as train drivers, you must possess:

  • Railway driver license
  • Certificate in Distribution and Transport (lll or lV)
  • Having relevant experience is always a plus

Zoom Recruitment

Zoom recruitment provides special recruitment services for all individuals looking to make a career in the rail sector. We offer services to rail recruitment agencies at Zoom Recruitment.

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We have a comprehensive recruitment process in which we undertake a medical test (alcohol and drug test), check for CIC card, track awareness (Rail), and other important licenses and certifications.

We make sure that your talent as an aspiring professional never goes into vain, and you have ample opportunities to make a better decision for yourself.

Some of the recruitment services that we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Construction: Track plant operators, Rail Offsiders and Welders, and Track Workers.
  • Rail Infrastructure: Upgrading, Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repair.

Our focus as a recruiting agency is on hiring efficient professionals that can work with safety. Give us a call and let us support you in fulfilling your rail needs.