Tesla, a company founded by the ever-famous Elon Musk, is known for its adventurous risks from driverless and electric cars to large batteries. Tesla is known for creating large batteries however they are planning on making their size even larger now. Tesla had previously created the world’s largest grid-scale lithium-ion battery for its company. Now it is set to become around 50 per cent bigger in size. This will be done in Hornsdale Power Reserve Site in South Australia. If you are looking for a home battery scheme in SA, then look no further.

Tesla had previously installed the battery which was a power back system with 100 megawatts of capacity. This was done back in 2017 in the South of Australia. This was then linked to the Neoen’s Hornsdale Windfarm. The battery was installed to help alleviate the severe energy issues that are being faced by the state at that moment.

Recently, the Australian Federal Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation announced that they will be funding the project by giving the project 50 million dollars. This makes sense because they believe that the battery that was installed previously helped save consumers and people living within the area around 50 million dollars, and this was just a way to pay Tesla back for their contribution.

Through this large contribution, Neoen, the company responsible for the wind farm connected to the battery will be increasing the battery’s output from 100 megawatts up to 150 megawatts. This is said to increase the output by at least 50 per cent by the mid of 2020.

In addition to the contribution that the CEFC made, the government of the state has also decided to contribute 15 million dollars to the project. This will then help in securing the delivery of inertia measurement services keeping the grid stable. Australian Renewable Energy Agency has also decided to give 8 million to the project.

The people that are involved within the project say that grid-scale battery is the future for Australia and will bring a major change across the Australian electricity system. They also believe that the Hornsdale Power Reserve received many benefits from the battery that was installed within the state as it reduced energy costs and gave a start to renewable energy. They believe that it is a model that can be expanded across the country to help other states too.

Even though the project has been taken over by the Australian government rather than Tesla’s company itself, it is said that Tesla still has many different plans for the large battery and plans to expand further with newer models. If such models were to be spread across Australia or even the world, it would help people save up on electricity costs and also help in the conservation of the environment. It is an excellent way to conserve energy and help citizens across the globe by using up energy that is available to us naturally through the sun.