Gates are very important to your property not just because of the safety and security element attached to them but also because they mark the entrance, and eventually the first impression of your home. It is important that your gate depicts a fair sense of aesthetics and is also equally sturdy and functional. Landscape designers put a lot of focus on installing the right type of gate to add a feel of exoticness to your home while not compromising on the security. A lot of thought goes into choosing the right doors and shutters for your home.

This is exactly why wrought iron gates are an amazing choice. These gates can be designed beautiful and are too sturdy. Since wrought iron gates were mainly used in the Victorian styled buildings, there’s no doubt about the design variations that can be brought about in these gates.

If you are thinking of installing a new gate on your property, here’s why you must go for a wrought iron gate.

Easy Restoration: Restoration is probably the easiest job if you have a wrought iron gate. All you need to do is bring a paint box and give your gate a new look with a simple paint job. Usually, paint on wrought iron gates lasts well for a good 3 – 4 years, however if you choose a more sustainable and weather adaptive paint, it could go on for up to 10 years.  However, if your gate still needs repairs, you can look for automatic gate & door repairs around your neighborhood.

Sturdy & Secure: Wrought iron gates are very sturdy and secure and can withstand high winds, temperatures as well as physical brunt in case someone tries to break in.

Resistant to Rust: Wrought iron is basically an allow of Iron and Slag which makes it very rust resistant as opposed to pure iron. Slag is basically a fibrous material which lowers the corrosive properties of iron making wrought iron just the right material for your gate as your gate will be exposed to all sorts of weather and environmental damages.

Value Addition to Your Property: Wrought Iron gates are considered the best when it comes to residential properties and offers the appeal that no other gate material does. This is exactly why if you put your house up for sale, the first impression of your wrought iron gate immediately spikes the value for your property.

Design Variations are Possible: Since wrought iron is a malleable material, it is very easy to style and design it. You can always make gates with beautiful patterns or intricate designs that speak volumes about your aesthetics and culture. Since your gate is the first impression of you whenever someone visits you, an intricately designed gate is the best choice for your entrance and what’s better than wrought iron.

Recyclable & Reusable: Since wrought iron is a soft alloy, it is most likely to never be damaged beyond repair and even if you simply want to replace your gate for the sake of change, it can also be reused and recycled, reducing your carbon prints and making it an environment friendly choice.

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