The Smart Video Optimiser reduces bandwidth use and associated costs without reducing the overall quality of the viewing experience. Whether distributing video online to countries with low or high bandwidth costs the outcome is the same, less cost equals more consumption – great news for the content producer, advertiser, distributor and consumer.

More than 200 billion videos were viewed online globally in October 2011. In Australia online video consumption is accelerating rapidly with average hours per viewer up 75% during October 2011 compared to the previous year. Duration is also on the rise as long-form TV content moves online (source comScore).

Smart Video Optimiser

This unique product uses Region of Interest (ROI) based video encoding to reduce transmission bit rate up to 60% without noticeable degradation of the image compared to standard compression methods. ROI refers to the content in the video frame that most captures the viewers attention. For example: the face of the newsreader; the impassioned speech of a world leader; the ball in a game of soccer or rugby. Smart Video Optimiser automatically detects the primary regions of interest and displays them at a higher bit-rate while the secondary regions are displayed at a lower bit-rate. The overall result is lower bit rate transmission with no perceived loss of image quality by the viewer.


  • 20-60% reduction in bit-rate means less bandwidth consumption, more reliable delivery and faster downloads
  • Greater picture quality than using current video compression
  • Cost savings encourage increased consumption of online video
  • Increased video consumption contributes to growth in the online economy for content producers, advertisers and distributors.


  • Easy to implement Windows, Mac or Linux options available
  • Real time processing with the ROI Detector
  • Uses H.264 standard, works with FFmpeg
  • Optimised for use with broadcast quality video files
  • Select bit-rate output to suit content type and device screen size for optimal viewing
  • Suitable for any device that can view H.264