Cruiser Connected Surfaces

The Smart Services CRC successfully announced the spin-off of their innovative Cruiser software platform as Cruiser Interactive Pty Ltd on the 13 March 2014 at the Connect Expo. Cruiser turns walls, tables, whiteboards and smart devices into touchscreen networks for group collaboration.

Developed by Smart Services CRC from research by the University of Sydney, Cruiser is set to revolutionise group collaboration in any domain where visual planning and group collaboration is required, such as the advertising, marketing, property development, architecture, design, government, town planning, defence, and emergency response and education sectors. The platform is already transforming business operations for clients such as Victoria Police, Mondelez (formerly known as Kraft Foods), Jumptank and Colliers International.

Cruiser adds a new dimension to collaboration, allowing users to flick information from any surface (personal smart devices, tablets, tables, walls and whiteboards) to any other surface located anywhere in the world for dynamic group discussion. Participants can annotate images and video; resize, manipulate and copy media files; contribute additional content; and share and work on information with multiple peers and colleagues anywhere in the world.