iSee Video Collaboration

iSee is an Australian built video collaboration tool of the future which will change the way people work and learn individually or remotely. Using live video feed tens to hundreds of users can meet simultaneously in a customised immersive environment and dynamically form and reform small or large groups as they would in real life.

Many existing systems require attendees to use specially equipped rooms with expensive videoconferencing equipment for point-to-point communication. While newer multi-point to multi- point videoconferencing technology is bandwidth intense with video feed limits for up to a maximum of 6 to 12 users.

Webinar and teleconferencing currently provide the main solution for more than 6 simultaneous users to communicate and share documents, although not providing ideal solutions for collaboration.

iSee provides users with a collaborative multipoint to multipoint immersive video-based meeting environment which operates from a standard computer, laptop or smartphone.


Technology Development Status

iSee has completed successful beta trials and is now being rolled out commercially with a range of organisations who want to be utilising the latest collaboration technologies including a multinational food company, local government and organisations with dispersed work teams.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Real time video collaboration – interaction for hundreds of users simultaneously facilitates
  • superior collaborative group discussion and engagement
  • Immersive environment (customised to your needs eg, training and seminar rooms board room, factory floor, hazardous areas)
  • Real time video – for tens to hundreds of users
  • Spatial voice – allows multiple groups to simultaneously break away and conduct conversationssimilar to a conference environment
  • 3D view – users freely and naturally move about the environment dynamically forming groups and interacting
  • Take me there – transports users to rooms or next to specific users
    Virtual Conference – Supports two to hundreds of users in an environment simultaneously

Low Set-Up Costs

  • Personal computer-based video conferencing software solution
  • Uses standard web cams, USB cameras and audio headsets

Multi-Platform Support 

  • Windows
  • Mac OSX

Content Sharing

  • General file sharing and instant messaging
  • Share documents, images, presentations on display boards within 3D environment.


iSee support 2 to 100+ users simultaneously in environments and is ideal for:

  • Telecommuting – provides an “always on” immersive solution for remote work teams. Reduce cost on office rent with your “virtual” office
  • Staff training – Rollout national training programs without the travel expense
  • Managing distributed teams – Have regular staff meetings and build team rapport
  • Board meetings – Time is money – reduce the number of trips and expenses
  • Remote education – Helping students collaborate and feel part of a classroom
  • Online university education/distance education – Students can collaborate
  • Professional and research conference – Access more international conferences and contacts – face-to-face.


Hardware Requirements


iSee is a new video collaboration software solution which operates on PC and Mac desktops and laptops with in-built cameras or web cameras. iSee has a client server architecture. Users can choose between a web client or a native client on their computer.

Download and Upload Requirements

Each user only receives audio and video streams that are within his/her visual and aural range. Hence, bandwidth required is controlled and will not exceed a prescribed threshold such as 10Mbs per user in the environment.

Standards adherence:

Standard encoding, and encryption is included. iSee adheres to H263 video Codec, VP8 Video Codec, MD5, 3DS, AES data encryption, conform to http and https.

Firewall Requirements:

External and Internal – TCP 80, TCP4502 External only – TCP 843, UDP 30000, UDP 34500 Internal only – UDP 33000