Holidays are the one season that everyone looks forward to. Holidays mean bonuses and parties. Many businesses decide to host parties for their employees as a way of thanking them and as a way of increasing rapport and communication between the employees. If employees are on good terms with one another, they tend to work well in teams and hence this leads to increased productivity. Corporate holiday parties can, however, become a tedious and boring task if not handled properly.

Below are a few unique corporate holiday party ideas for small businesses whether it is an EOFY party or a Christmas party.

  1. Take The Employees Into Consideration

Many times, the people arranging the party pick the theme and select everything related to the party according to their own opinion and taste. That can backfire badly. It’s always wise to get the employees involved in the planning process. This would firstly help pique their interest and secondly, they will let you know the type of party they want. This then helps you plan a party that will be fun and memorable for both you and your employees.

  • Volunteer Together

A unique option of throwing a party is to celebrate with the less fortunate. Holiday parties are thrown around the holidays which inculcate the spirit of giving and sharing. It is a unique idea to get your team to arrange a party with orphans or to volunteer in a soup kitchen in the spirit of the holiday. This not only helps your CSR department but also instils a value of generosity within your employees.

  • Sporting Events

It is said that physical exercise is the best way to let out frustration so it may be best to have a competitive sport and make a party out of it. The employees could be split into two and can compete against each other. Then you could serve game food for the after-party. It could be a day out in the sun that the employees could enjoy; it would help in their catharsis and save you money.

  • Photo Booths And Props

With the new modern age, people love having their picture taken in every way and form. Getting a photo booth into the party would be a great way to liven things up. Having props alongside, which put people in a silly mood, would also help lift the mood of the party. It would result in laughter and a night of enjoyment which is exactly what you should be aiming for.

  • Multicultural Party

With the world becoming multicultural and most countries having foreigners working for them, it may be a good idea to have a multicultural office party. People could dress up in their cultural clothes from their home country and also bring their cultural food along. Each employee could be responsible for a dish from their home country which would save cost, make employees feel valued and appreciated and help diversify people’s mindsets.

  • Family Day

Sometimes it’s good for employees to feel like the company values them and their families. A business could have a family day at a resort or a carnival where all employees would be welcomed to bring their families and enjoy a day with their kids and introduce them to the people they work with. Happy employees mean increased productivity and that is what every business desires.