In many countries, including Australia, expert plumbing, expert electricians and such professions are high in demand and a requirement of every community to function normally.  This is because they are required to serve at various locations such as homes, factories, restaurants, offices and more. Their job helps provide the people will proper water drainage system.

Since the work demands such proficiency and accuracy, the Australian government has imposed a few guidelines and rules to learn the art of plumbing and practice it as a profession. If you wish to become a licensed plumber then you should follow the tips given below as they will help you achieve your goal.

  1. Attaining a Certificate or a License

The first step towards becoming a plumber is to attain a license or certificate. This is essential for your profile to stand out among other plumbers who may be available for the same job but if your certification or license reflects your professionalism, it will help attract more clients. For you to become a plumber, you will need a few set of skills, which are

  • Physically fit
  • Willingness to work in challenging and unpleasant situations
  • High school education
  • Problem-solving and mathematical abilities
  • Certification

To get the certification, you need to attend a vocational education and training institute to obtain the relevant certificate for plumbing. This usually includes around 2 years of training. Once you have your certificate, you will then contact the various authorities depending on where you live and ask whether they need additional certifications or not.

  • Salary Range for Plumbers

It is essential that prior to choosing your career, you explore the profession and asses the financial returns it has to offer. Similarly, for plumbers, a plumbing job in Australia pays around $1051-1300 per week. Most plumbing jobs are full time. However, if later down the line you wish to open up your own business, you can earn considerably more than your average weekly pay.  

  • Job Opportunities

Initially, when you enter the market, you will receive employment opportunities from small companies as they are often on the lookout to hire fresh graduates or you could invest money and set up your own business. You can also get associated with the public or federal government which would mean opportunities such as working for government-owned buildings or public infrastructure. Plumbers get entrusted with responsibility from residences like homes and villas to building construction and other public places. Another means you could explore is to hope for positive word of mouth about your skills and work that you have delivered in the past.

These few tips will help you gain a license in Australia and help you become a plumber. Expert plumbing is not an easy job, rather its hours of tiring work in unpleasant situations; however, the work is rewarding and helps millions of people.

Moreover, individuals do not realize this but professions such as plumbing and electricians are the backbone of every society and they help run it smoothly. By obtaining certification and a license, you can then start your journey to becoming a plumber. Some laws may vary so it’s always best to contact authorities in your state or area for more information.