Retirement is another stage in life and some people will tell you that life will start after retirement. Data from the Property Council of Australia shows that in the year 2014, the number of retirement villages in the country was over 2300 and over 184,000 seniors were living in these villages.

However, the figure is likely to double by the year 2025. The Property Council predicts that the number of retirees living in the villages will be over 382,000 by that year. Retirement villages offer various accommodation options, facilities, and services varying from golf courses and swimming pools to 24-hour emergency assistance and social events. Here are some other benefits that retirement villages provide.

The sense of community living

For many years, most retirees have been living alone or away from their family and friends. When living in a retirement village you will benefit from the feeling of being part of like-minded individuals. Your neighbours will be in the same stage of life and will be looking for more connections. They will be your good friends.

Lower maintenance living

Mostly, retirement villages provide shared spaces. In other words, you will never personally maintain your space. You will never wake up to vacuum or mow the lawns before you start enjoying your breakfast. If a need to travel arises, you will just need to lock your door and move without worrying about a problem that can arise.

Active lifestyle

Most retirement villages are situated in the areas with fun activities and high-quality services on site or nearby. When living in a retirement village, there will be no need of traveling for several miles to play golf or to swim. You will remain active without worrying about buying a car or getting people to pick you up each time, you need to swim or to play golf.

More flexible options

Whether you need an entirely independent unit or to benefit from all the services of a retiree village, you will get that. If the need to change your living style arises later, you will enjoy the specific services available in the villages – offered to the people who need the solely. You can involve yourself in social life or keep everything to yourself with an option of joining down the track.


Safety for aging adults is always a concern. There are many benefits of having a staff member ready to offer assistance at any time of the day. If a senior who lives alone happens to fall, it would take the responders a longer time to arrive and provide him the necessary help. That is not an issue in the retirement villages.

More affordable living

When living in a retirement village, you will spend less money on services than you would do when paying for them as an individual. The villages facilitate easier access to therapy, medical care, and transportation services. To benefit, you just need to register as a member.

The above are a few of the benefits that retirement villages provide. If you, a relative or a friend is looking for retirement villages at Devonport and Launceston, there are placement experts ready to help. The experts will guide you through the selection process and ensure that you have found a facility that matches your needs.