Copiers are among one of the most essential and the biggest investment you will need to make to help keep your office run smoothly and effectively. Having the right copier is an advantage for your business. It keeps your office productive and speeds up your everyday operations significantly. Have you ever wondered how to purchase the right copier? Here are a few must-read tips for you to consider before purchasing your next office copier:

Lease, Rental or Purchase

When it comes to picking the right copier, there are more than one options to choose from, if you are unsure about the type of copier that you want, consider leasing a device for short-term. Discuss your issue with copier leasing companies and tell them you would want to lease out their machine in the short term before you get your own equipment. You can choose to purchase brand new or refurbished copiers at an affordable price from various companies.

Consider the Frequency of Use

Another aspect to consider before purchasing or renting your new copier is to determine how frequently you plan to use the copier. Will you use it multiple times a day for 2 or 4 jobs or will it have to produce pages in the bulk volume. Choose a copier that can handle heavy everyday usage in large volumes. Medium and large organisations will heavily rely on plenty of copying each day so you need a device that can handle multiple copies each day.

Choose a Multifunction Copier

A multifunction copier is a better choice as compared to a simple copier for small and medium businesses. These machines are equipped with other useful features such as:

  • Scanning
  • Fax capabilities
  • Colour photocopy
  • Printing

A simple copier will only allow you to make some copies but opting for a multi-purpose copier will add more value to your business by making enhancing productivity. People from different departments for different jobs can use multifunction copiers. For example, the marketing team will require copies of various licences and permits urgently; they might need to scan receipts for bookkeeping.  Whereas the finance and accounting team would be more interested in getting their paperwork scanned and printed on a tight deadline. If you want to make your office more productive, we suggest you choose a multifunctional machine instead of a standard copier. You won’t need to worry about the repairs since many reliable companies are offering repair and maintenance service for professional copiers.

Secure Wireless Printing

When choosing your next copier, it’s essential that it has a wireless printing technology that’s secure and reliable. You will have to ensure that your copier has a secure network and it should have a reliable authentication system to keep the data secure. Limit the number of people with authorized access to reduce the load on the machine and the network. Wireless printing enhances productivity and it can significantly streamline your business processes. Wireless technology allows you to aim towards a modern paperless office.