Safety is always a topmost priority. One of the places where safety comes first is when you are on the road.

It is important to teach how to cross the road safely, how to act when on the road, how to look for traffic, etc. If in case you do find yourself involved in a situation where you have to call the authorities, make sure to contact your TAC claim lawyers.

Here are some tips for teaching road safety.

1.   Use Crosswalks

The lessons on road safety should start by you explaining how important it is to use zebra crossings. It is the place where pedestrians rule. The driver has to stop or slow down when you are at the zebra crossing. Some drivers may not respect this rule. That is why you must make sure to educate your kids that they need to pay close attention when zebra crossing

2.   Be Assertive

Before you cross the road, stop and look. Do not just cross without paying attention to both sides of the road. Make sure you are confident that you are crossing the road safely.

3.   Teach Them The Do’s and Don’ts

When you make a list, your kids will find it much easier to remember the rules of road safety.


  1. Don’t cross where the rood bends
  2. No playing on the road or the sidewalk
  3. Do not cross when you see an automobile vehicle is approaching
  4. Do not cross between standing automobiles.
  5. Do not run when on the road.


  1. Cross at straightaways so you will be visible to the driver
  2. Play away from the busy street or close to your house.
  3. Wait for the vehicles to stop or pass.
  4. Cross at intersections or crosswalks.
  5. Walk and stay aware of your nearby surroundings when you cross.

4.   Wear Bright-Coloured Clothes

It is a good idea to wear bright coloured clothes when on the road. You already make sure to put on sunscreen so you stay safe in the sun. Why not put on bright coloured clothes so you grab the drivers’ attention in case they could not see you crossing the road. Especially during the night, it is a good idea to wear such clothes. A driver may easily miss seeing you if you are wearing dull colours.

5.   Teach Them Road Safety When Riding their Bicycle

If your kid loves to ride their bicycle, you must teach them the importance of riding safely on the road. Check that the bike is in proper condition and is fit to ride. Make sure your kids are wearing the helmet. Teach your kids to stay in the bicycle lane. In case there is no lane for bicycles, they should ride close to the sidewalk. Make sure your kids don’t ride their bicycle at night. If they see a larger vehicle approaching, they should take a side.